GTS Claims Study

The most comprehensive M&A insurance claims study in the industry is here.

Get actionable insights based on 10 years of claims data. This proprietary study, conducted by our in-house specialist claims counsel Simon Radcliffe and Nick Horsmon, offers a deep-dive into the key M&A insurance claims trends.

Key findings

New claims trends are emerging

Liberty GTS is seeing several emerging trends that could impact the R&W market in the years to come – including climate change and claims based on software licensing shortfalls.

Smaller deals are producing more notifications

In contrast to other claims studies in the market, Liberty GTS has found that smaller deals see disproportionately more notifications compared to larger deals.

Material contracts claims are becoming common globally

Material Contracts claims – common in the Americas – are becoming more frequent in other regions throughout the world.

Claims are being paid

This year alone we have already paid out $36m as at the end of April 2020 and, in the last 18 months, we have been involved in three individual payments of more than $20m. This included a €50m policy limit payment in 2019.


Simon Radcliffe : Head of GTS Claims

Simon Radcliffe

Head of GTS Claims

Nick Horsmon : Head of GTS Claims for Americas

Nick Horsmon

Head of GTS Claims for Americas