With both speed and stamina, we’re the partner you can count on at a moment’s notice — and years after the ink has dried. As one of the largest global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) insurance teams in the industry, Liberty Global Transaction Solutions (GTS) has the scope for transactions of many types and sizes. With more than 80 specialists, we have helped facilitate more than 1,500 M&A deals a year on average — successfully insuring thousands of transactions since our inception. We’ll help you come to the table with confidence.

GTS offers specialized products and services to help facilitate M&A transactions for buyers and sellers, including:

  • Representations & Warranties (R&W)/Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) Insurance
  • Tax Liability Insurance
  • One-off policies created for individual contingent risks

While the scope of our resources are important, the key to our growth is our unique process.

We operate as one global business unit. This allows us to select and customize our teams based upon their local, regional and sectoral expertise, not solely on the physical location of the underwriter—ensuring that a GTS team’s experience and skill set match the DNA of each and every deal. It doesn’t matter if the client is in London or Shanghai, we’ll select a team of GTS experts who are most suited for that specific deal. The tight timescales involved on a merger or acquisition requires an incredibly focused approach. From claims to underwriting, GTS empowers employees at every level to make timely and autonomous decisions so that our clients are never delayed. There are enough surprises in the M&A world, delays in finding an insurance solution shouldn’t be one of them.

Liberty GTS has a dedicated M&A Claims team with private practice and Lloyd’s market experience who specialize in dealing with complex M&A claims. This team works closely with our team of underwriters from contract inception, so they are well-versed on all the details of the policy and underlying deal. In the event of a claim, our entire team works together to ensure a timely and considered response. There is a great deal at stake with any M&A deal. Working with the premier insurance team in the industry helps reduce the risks for all parties involved.

Our client-centric approach, cross-regional collegiality and more than 300 years of collective experience are each unique to the industry underscoring why GTS is a global leader in M&A Insurance.