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Liberty GTS 2023 claims briefing

Exclusive data-driven insights guiding global decision making. Read the 2023 claims briefing here.

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Your world is our world

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Liberty Global Transaction Solutions (GTS) is one of the largest global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) insurance teams in the industry

About Liberty GTS

With both speed and stamina, we’re the partner you can count on at a moment’s notice — and years after the ink has dried. As one of the largest global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) insurance teams in the industry, Liberty Global Transaction Solutions (GTS) has the scope for transactions of many types and sizes. With more than 80 specialists, we have helped facilitate more than 1,500 M&A deals a year on average — successfully insuring thousands of transactions since our inception. We’ll help you come to the table with confidence.

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Liberty GTS is the leading provider of transactional risk products, including Representations & Warranties/Warranty & Indemnity Insurance, Tax Liability Insurance and one-off policies created for individual contingent risks.

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Liberty GTS has a dedicated M&A Claims team with private practice and Lloyd’s market experience who specialize in dealing with complex M&A claims.

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What makes GTS unique

Liberty GTS operates differently than other M&A insurance providers. Liberty GTS is one global business unit which helps us achieve true cross-border collaboration. Many companies have relied on Liberty GTS to deliver consistent, focused protection.

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Our team

Liberty GTS has one of the most experienced teams in the world. Our underwriters have nearly a decade of experience each, are fluent in a wide array of languages, and the majority have past experience as practicing lawyers or accountants.

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Why Liberty GTS?

Liberty GTS with its unrivalled global presence is reliable, nimble, and offers a superior service for transactional risk products.