Liberty GTS is a leader in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) insurance. With more than 10 years of consistent focus in the world of M&A, we are a dedicated, tight-knit team. We work across borders to ensure access to decision makers 24/7.

We are here for the long-haul and have ‘skin-in-the-game’. It is our paper and our money. We can afford to support risks and pay claims.

As part of the Liberty Mutual Group Inc., we can make long-term commitments and focus wholly and solely on our partners. We provide both specialist expertise and full-service solutions.

Liberty GTS your world is our world

Your words are our words: your world is our world.

As market leaders, we have both clarity and confidence and we have a distinctive and authentic value proposition. Combining the strength and stability of the Liberty Mutual group with the speed and agility of a specialist global team, the brand stands for capacity, commitment and above all compatibility. The Liberty GTS team truly inhabit the culture of deal-making. Hence the brand proposition ‘Your World Is Our World’.

To dramatize the promise of compatibility and create a cut-through campaign, we adopted the specific and sometimes peculiar vernacular of the M&A market. By combining this insider terminology with striking and amusing illustrations, the advertisements invite dealmakers to recognize that Liberty GTS works at their tempo and - quite literally - speaks their language.  In 2022, we are at home with club deals, dry powder, hurdle rates and yes, unicorns. In 2023, our campaign focuses on boosting liquidity, hedging risk, and strengthening your hand. In 2024, our campaign highlights that not every M&A deal will have a happy ending and deal-makers need to partner with insurers who can help them weather the storms, with good sense and good humour. 

Here are a selection of images from our latest advertising campaign, illustrating our differentiators. 

Our 2024 Campaign

Not every carpet is magic

Not every carpet is magic

Not every duckling is a swan

Not every duckling is a swan

Not every frog is a Prince

Not every frog is a Prince

Not every lamp has a genie

Not every lamp has a genie

Our 2023 Campaign

Boost your liquidity

Boost your liquidity

Hedge your risk

Hedge your risk

Strengthen your hand

Strengthen your hand

Our 2022 Campaign

Liberty GTS nourish the unicorns

Nourish the unicorn

Liberty GTS clear the hurdles

Clear the hurdles

Liberty GTS secure the club deals

Secure the club deals

Speed and stamina

We work at your tempo to maximize your opportunities.

With both speed and stamina, we’re the partner you can count on at a moment’s notice — and years after the ink has dried. As one of the largest global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) insurance teams in the industry, Liberty Global Transaction Solutions (GTS) has the scope for transactions of many types and sizes. With more than 80 specialists, we have helped facilitate more than 1,500 M&A deals a year on average — successfully insuring thousands of transactions since our inception. We’ll help you come to the table with confidence.

Single global profit center image

Capacity and commitment

We act as an extension to your team – we build our businesses together.

While we have one of the largest teams in the industry, our underwriters have direct access to our senior management throughout the M&A process. Our streamlined approach enables us to accomplish more with prompt response times and quality execution. Liberty GTS has the geographic breadth required for complex, cross border deals. The global Liberty GTS team collaboratively works together to provide sophisticated solutions to complex transactional risks.

In-depth experience image

Experience and expertise

We can be depended on for the duration – we are solid.

We have a dedicated M&A Claims team with private practice and Lloyd’s market experience who specialize in dealing with complex M&A claims. This team works closely with our team of underwriters from contract inception, so they are well-versed on all the details of the agreement. In the event of a claim, our entire team works together to ensure a timely and considered response. While this paradigm seems obvious, it’s unique in our industry.

Dedicated claims service image

Stability and agility

A fully-focused team within a full-service business.

Protection for the long haul, Liberty GTS is backed by the financial strength of its parent company, Liberty Mutual Group Inc. Today we are the eighth largest global property and casualty insurer based on 2023 gross written premium (excludes state-owned companies). We also rank 87th on the Fortune 100 list of largest corporations in the U.S., based on 2023 revenue. As of December 31, 2023, we had approximately $49.4 billion in annual consolidated revenue.

Distribution strategy image